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To Charge by Phone: Use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.  Have your card handy and your order list ready including item numbers and quantities of each item you would like to include.  Call between 9am and 5pm Central Standard Time locally at (225) 248-9720 or Toll-Free at 1-800-229-6054.

Method of Payment: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  

Regular Delivery: We use UPS.  Notice that UPS will not deliver to a Post Office Box.

Delivery Charges: Delivery charges are figured by adding the shipping weights of items ordered. The shipping charge per order will be the exact amount set by UPS based upon the total weight of the order.  A $2.50 service charge will be added to all orders.

No COD (Cash On Delivery)


* Prices are subject to change without notice. Toys in this website are not intended for use by children under 5 years of age. We are not responsible for typographical errors.


Latest Additions


$0.99 Each

$8.90 For a 10pc Pack
(.89 Each)

Item No. 9075

Tiger and Footballs

$2.69 Each

$22.90 for a 10pc pack
($2.29 Each)

Item No. 2501


$1.29 Each

$9.90 for a 10pc Pack
(.99 Each)

Item No. 4001

Go Tigers

$2.29 Each

$20.60 For 10 Pieces
($2.06 Each)

Item No. 9034

Purple - (12mm)

$4.15 Per Dozen

$36.50 for a 10 Dozen Case
($3.65 Per Dozen)

Item No. 9014

Carnival Masks (One Dozen Large)

$9.49 Per Dozen

$84.90 for 10 packs
($8.49 per pack)

Item No. 9020

Multi-colored Champagne Flutes

$7.75 per 6pc Pack

$7.75 For 6 pc pack

Item No. 2809

Tri-colored Party Masks One Dozen

$7.49 Per Dozen

$7.49 Dozen

Item No. 9064

Elegant Party Masks

$1.49 Each

$13.20 For a 12 pc pack
($1.10 Each)

Item No. 9070

Show Your Tits

$1.99 Each

$17.90 For a 10pc Pack
($1.70 Each)

Item No. 9054

St. Patrick Throws


Item No. STPAT

Blue & Gold Spiral Footballs

$21.50 Per Dozen

Item No. Ty149

Purple, Green & Gold Spiral Footballs

$21.50 Per Dozen

Item No. Ty149


$21.50 Per Dozen

Item No. 1416

Mens Mask

$2.99 Each

Item No.

Pink & White Spiral Footballs

$21.50 Per Dozen

Item No. Ty-149

Purple & Gold Spiral Footballs

$21.50 Per Dozen

Item No. Ty-149

Squishy Boobs

$12.95 Per Dozen

Item No. Ty-180

Large Combs

$6.95 Per Dozen

Item No. 1303

Snake Whistles

$7.95 per Gross (144)

Item No. 1300

Jumbo Pacifiers

$4.95 6 pcs

Item No. 1019

Tall Cup with Straw

$6.50 Each

Item No.

Irish Bucket Hat

$3.95 Each

Item No.

Shark Light up Sword

$9.95 Per Dozen

Item No.


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